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"The Age of the Swords" to receive Original Score
September 9, 2015
It was announced earlier this week that the currently running audio miniseries The Age of the Swords is going to be officially inducted into The World of Etherealm, as opposed to being scrapped and rewritten as was previously decided. Along with this announcement was revealed that the miniseries will be reproduced with anoriginal soundtrack composed by Joe Harrison (replacing music borrowed from various motion picture soundtracks by Jerry Goldsmith, James Horner, et al) in order to make the series truly original, and therefore opening up new doors of opportunity for marketing the project on an official level.
The Age of the Swords: The Descent of Shadows was recently remastered with high-quality sound engineering to bring it up-to-date with The Spider Queen, which is currently in-production. "The Descent of Shadows" will be reproduced a second time with an original score, and previously released episodes of The Spider Queen will likewise be re-released with an original score.
Until then, you can still listen to both parts in the original forms (with temp music from existing movie soundtracks).
TheWorldOfEtherealm.Net Launches
September 15, 2015
We're proud to present the brand-new website for The World of Etherealm, where you can learn more about the franchise; read in-story histories, learn about some prominent characters in The Age of the Swords, and check out the "Media" page to listen to some music inspired by TWoE that will soon be officially adapted into the franchise. Website looking a little bare? Don't worry, more features will be added as we continue expand.
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